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While it’s still debatable if the real world is run by boys or girls (sorry, Beyoncé!), the world of the internet is definitely run by – you guessed it right – search engines! And when we talk about search engines, we have to talk about search engine optimization i.e. SEO experts in Delhi NCR. If you’re a social media savvy individual, we are pretty darn certain that your day begins and ends on Google. 

Get To Know About SEO Expert in Delhi NCR

As the wave of digital revolution is surely washing over every business and organization, SEO is an imperative you cannot afford to ignore. And if we are talking about SEO experts in Delhi NCR, the list begins with Shayon Dasverma. The CEO of Tune My Digital, one of India’s exponentially growing performance marketing firms, Shayon and his team make for some of the best SEO experts in Delhi NCR, providing advanced SEO services to numerous business organizations across the world for years now.

The world of SEO is ever-changing and Shayon DasVerma aims to help you stand out in this era of cut-throat competition; when you invest in his services, you gain tailored website traffic, more conversions, and a higher return on investment.

Being a local SEO expert in India, the country with one of the fastest growing digital populace n the world, Shayon knows that search engine optimization is much more than just “ranking for the right keywords” these days – and the talent pool of SEO experts at Tune My Digital can assuredly help you obtain qualified traffic that’s continues to convert.


As one of the most prolific SEO experts in Delhi NCR, Shayon provides you with the following –


One of the more important aspects of an SEO strategy, local SEO helps you establish yourself as an expert to the businesses nearest to you.

The local SEO services offered involve:

  • Search engine optimization for local searches,
  • Content development tailored to a specific region,
  • Creating citations and optimizing them, and,
  • Google My Business optimized descriptions


Leading a team of learned SEO experts in Delhi NCR, Shayon can successfully provide you with top-notch technical SEO services, guaranteed to help you with the building blocks, from which you can shoot up the growth of your business, to the skies!

The technical SEO services offered include:

  • Analyzing backlinks,
  • Markup for Schema, and,
  • Image enhancement , especially with alt texts


Being a local SEO expert in India, Shayon also focuses his sharp attention on SEO analytics – the underdog of the best SEO strategies of all time!

The basic SEO analytics services offered under his expertise comprise:

  • Implementing Google Analytics,
  • Regular check-ins with user behavior data,
  • Using Google Tag Manager, and,
  • Reporting and analysis of collective campaigns


The brains and face behind one of the best companies in Delhi NCR for SEO services, Shayon Dasverma always strives to provide you with a memorable experience, with his team of SEO experts providing their professional expertise to scale businesses of all sizes to a global level.


Shayon’s experienced SEO team will help you in defining your search engine optimization goals and create a realistic strategy. We may serve as your full SEO team or support your in-house marketing team.


With in-depth market and keyword research that Shayon personally oversees, the finished SEO strategy is extremely targeted and result-oriented. These steps help the team in providing realistic projections of the opportunities existing in the market. This is one of the most important steps that establishes Shayon DasVerma as one of the Best SEO experts in Delhi NCR.


The technical capabilities of team members at Tune My Digital, are well established in the industry. The technical audits, that are performed under the personal supervision of our founder himself, help analyze your site to ensure that Google and other search engines can readily discover and index your pages.


Building an organization that boasts of some of the best SEO experts in Delhi NCR, onsite SEO is Shayon’s numero uno priority. That’s why the team takes special care to craft a comprehensive range of services, customized to individual customer needs, that begins with the analysis of your site’s structure and internal architecture and other elements that are important to search engine algorithms. The skilled team of SEO experts at Tune My Digital will then create a list of recommendations for improving the relevance of the targeted keywords. As the best SEO agency in Delhi NCR, all aspects of search engine optimization are covered, ranging from site migrations to schema markup and everything in between.

Shayon’s other SEO-based content services also include –

  • Link building
  • Content creation and marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine penalty recovery
  • Outreach
  • Digital PR
  • Conversational and rich content

These are just some of the reasons why Shayon Dasverma is one of the best SEO experts in Delhi NCR, and why his firm, Tune My Digital is the best SEO agency in Delhi NCR

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